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A Monk in the World “makes practical sense of the nexus between spirit and matter. Damien teaches how to live fully in the world while rising above it all at the same time. This book is a real contribution.”

— Marianne Williamson, author “A Return to Love”

A Monk in the World  “is one of the most user-friendly spiritual books on the market.This is a must read for anyone seeking an immediate and workable respite from urban chaos.”

— Carey Williams, Journalist, Los Angeles

A Monk in the World  “is the perfect guide for those searching for a path towards greater peace and enlightenment, and for those brave ones already on that path. A gentle thank you.”

— Nilaja Sun, Actress, Playwright, “No Child”

A Monk in the World “is not a book you read through. It is a message that you live. Richard has a gift for taking profound spiritual insights and bringing them to reality. A Monk in the World is the complete essence of how to love, honor, share and give in a world that so desper­ately needs these qualities.”

— Kathleen Wood, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Business Consultant

A Monk in the World  “shows you how simple it is to take the energy to be present, to be grateful, and to be a kinder, more thoughtful person. It’s just a matter of doing it. Every page contains words of compassion and inspiration. The easy part was reading the book. Now the fun begins – putting it into practice. It s about finding your own expression of spirituality, not following someone else’s.”

— E.L. Maroski, Author and Playwright

“Richard is a straight-forward author with a great deal of insight into the work of spirituality. He is thoroughly knowledgeable, cross-trained in a number of traditions (both eastern and western) and unlike other authors successfully guides the reader towards practical steps to integrate spirituality into the everyday. Since Richard himself lives in the modern world, he maintains a unique ability to connect well with the everyday hum-drum most readers face, which is something quite uncommon with most spiritual teachers; a true gift.”

— Elliott Bringman, Author, Yoga/Fitness Instructor

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