I have worked with Richard on and off for the past 10 + years and have sent several friends and colleagues to experience his greatness.

I reach out to him any time I am working through any difficulties, transitions, or major life events.

Richard is always there to guide me, support me and provide a fresh perspective. He is my guiding light. Kind, loving and someone I consider a friend.

Heather Delveaux,  Health and Wellness Coach

“I came to Richard’s work when I was dealing with a great career disappointment, and he helped me move through and transform that energy in only one session.

I continued to work with Richard to release limiting beliefs and step into the most expansive version of myself.

My life astounds me and I know my time with Richard is a part of all I have manifested and become”

Analisa Leaming, Broadway star of THE KING AND I, HELLO DOLLY, and SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK

“There are those people who are born with a gift.
They refine it and carry it beyond.  Richard Damien is one of these people.”
Louis Gossett Jr. , Actor, Los Angeles

“I have known and worked with Richard for over 30 years. He has shown me the power we all have to live our best lives, spiritually and physically. I have learned to trust the universe and my place in it. Richard is incredibly intuitive, insightful, knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend you let him share his gifts with you.”

“Richard is one of the best people to have in your life, on your team or in your arsenal. He has so much at his spiritual fingertips to navigate your challenges on any level. At the same time, he can help you amplify the good things and turn them into fabulous feats. I am deeply grateful to have Richard on the other end of the phone ready to book a phone session ”
Marian Hunter, Film Editor and Director, NYC

“Richard is a gifted coach who combines the spiritual with down to earth practical advice. His gentle and kind style will enable you to expand your paradigms about yourself, your relationships and your professional role. I highly recommend Richard to anyone who is interested in growing and expanding. I am so happy he is on my team of advisors. I would not want to travel this journey without him.”
Aliana Apodaca, President POSITIVE DIRECTIONS | Motivational speaker, executive coach, organizational consulting and training

“When I first worked with Richard, I was in a transitional period in my life. I had a very narrow idea of what I could do and how my life should look. I can say definitely that Richard has profoundly changed the way I view life. He opens up possibilities and a new way of seeing.

I have relied on him over the years to help me stay grounded in that vision. My life has had far more texture and substance than it would have had if I had kept on the track I was going. He has been invaluable to me and I recommend him with all my heart.”

Stephanie Foster, Yoga, Martial arts instructor; Acting teacher and Writer NYC

“I have worked with Richard as an expert public speaking coach for some time now. I have greatly improved since beginning to work with Richard and really enjoy it now.

He is a great coach and gives great tips on how to succeed. I always keep these tips in my back pocket for the many speaking engagements I have had since working with him. Thanks, Richard”

Natalie Mossalam, Chief Health IT Counsel,  Chicago

“Richard Damien, a kindred spirit, has guided, inspired and supported me thru many transitions in my life. Always keeping me focused with positive intentions. Richard is a joy to work with.”

Paulette Pettorino,  Acupuncturist, New York City

“Richard is a gifted healer. He is certainly someone you want on your team of professional advisors if you want to live a rich and rewarding life.”

Anne Twomey, Creative Director Celadon Publishing, Macmillan Publishing

“Your heart and soul and mind will be undoubtedly transformed by Richard’s simple yet effective approach towards heading. His work is intuitive, helpful and based on love. You will believe in the magic of life again.”
Nilaja Sun, Actress/Playwright, New York City

“I have known Richard Damien for over 20 years and he has consistently provided extra wise counsel to me on various issues of a professional and personal nature.

He is gifted with great healing powers and always provides a positive and caring environment for clients. Richard is the real deal and is very trustworthy and wise. His spiritual guidance and knowledge of the human brain, spirit and soul is profound.”
Carey Williams, Journalist, Los Angeles

“Working with Richard has unlocked my true potential and I am able to expand my horizons without the “usual” obstacles that keep me from pursuing my dreams.

All aspects of my life are better because of the work I have done with Richard. I highly recommend working with Richard if you feel something is holding you back.

Sean Mullaney, Artist/ Sculptor, Cincinnati

“Richard helped me to understand the purpose behind my struggles. This clarity freed me to let go of what was no longer serving my highest good, aligning with the energy of the larger life that was calling me to live with the fullness of my being.

If you are ready to transform and willing to apply his practices, I recommend Richard to you.”
Diane G Beal, Transformation Coach, Atlanta

“Richard has been a great support to me in my journey for successfully leading a centered and fulfilling life.”
Kathleen Wood, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Business Consultant

“I’ve worked with Richard for twenty years. He has helped me grow personally and his work has had a very positive impact on my business. His deep insights and powerful healings are transformational. Not only do I recommend Richard for personal growth, but for strengthening and building a business as well. He can provide insights to which no other coach can access.”
James Mueller, Organizational & Development Consultant

“I’ve worked with Richard for close to 20 years and have referred him to as least a dozen friends, family and colleagues. Always to rave reviews, Richard possesses the rare gift of intuition, and practical advice that really allows you to move forward in your life. If you want to clear some blocks, small or large, Richard is the guy for the job!”
Lois Barth, Life Coach / Speaker / Trainer / Author

“I have had sessions with Richard periodically for more than 10 years. He is a remarkably gifted teacher and healer, and I felt at east with him from our first meeting. I have had very positive results from my work with him; from increased clarity to increased vitality and physical healing from injuries. He’s wise beyond measure and completely trustworthy. I highly recommend him.”
Camille DeSantis, Executive VP Group Head Corporate and Biotech at Edelman

“Richard is sublimely talented on the spiritual side and has a uniquely creative expression in the material world.”
Diane Reed, Branding, Marketing, Media and Communications

“As a CEO in a highly stressful, high pressured industry, Richard has been my voice of reason for several years both on a personal and business front. He is never judgmental. He is a great listener. He is my voice of reason. He grounds me. He is a calming presence to my intense personality and always gives me an alternative point-of-view to how I am approaching a situation or how I am currently dealing with a situation but never makes me feel I am doing it wrong. He is a gentle soul filled with infinite wisdom and insight on all areas of life. And, he encourages you to push yourself to be the best he knows you can be. Richard is the life and work coach every person needs. I always feel infinitely better each time we meet and through his work has made me a better CEO and all around person. ”
Maureen Lowe,  Founder, President & Editor-In-Chief, Financial Technologies Forum, LLC